reinforcing your training

Reinforcing Your Training

Training is ongoing when you have a service dog. Their skills must be exercised to keep them sharp. Everyday outings and daily life will reinforce a service dog’s training but there may come a time when setbacks arise. Many organizations and trainers offer refresher training for service dog handlers. Our organization has a network of trainers and service dog organizations that offer training free or at a reduced cost for Veterans. K9s Serving Vets will work with you to reach out to these training professionals for refresher training or training your own dog.

Your Relationship With Your Service Dog 

The bond between a handler and their service dog is paramount to training. Just like any other relationship it must be built on nurturing, trust and loyalty. If a service dog does not trust his/her handler then training and sustaining that training will be extremely difficult. Strengthening the bond is something that the handler must be committed to and work at daily. With this key principle in place a strong foundation is built which will help you with all of your training needs.

US Airforce ret. Ssgt. Jason Morgan’s Canine Companions for Independence® ServiceDog Rue knows more than 40 commands to assist Jason to regain his independence. She can open doors, pull his wheelchair, retrieve dropped items, and be a battle buddy for



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As the liaison between Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs and service dog training organizations, we empower Veterans by helping them partner with service dogs to transform their lives.


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