Service Dog Assistance

Department of Veterans Affairs Service Dog Policy

After being accepted as a client, K9s Serving Vets educates the Veteran on the requirements imposed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. They require that Veterans apply with the Department of Veterans Affairs to the letter to receive service dog benefits as well as even having their canine recognized as a service dog.

We then review with the Veteran what it means to be a service dog handler. We ensure that they understand the physical and financial needs to be met for themselves and their service dog to be a successful team. 

The Right Training Organization

The first step in this part of the process is to explain to the client how the process with service dog organizations works and make sure they understand that they have responsibilities and must commit to working with us to find the training organization for them. 

Next contacting the service dog training organization, make the introduction and the client will work with the training organization and follow their protocol to apply and be matched with a dog.

The final step is fundraising for the cost of the veteran’s service dog. While many service dog training organizations place assistance dogs with Veterans free of charge there are several that charge a fee or require that the Veteran perform fundraising to pay it forward to the next Veteran in need of a service dog. We work with the client to organize events such as raffles, restaurant fundraisers, online campaigns, etc. to help the client raise proceeds. 

Photo Courtesy of paws4vets

A New Beginning

We assist Veterans through the transition of becoming a Veteran service dog handler. We guide them in receiving service dog benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, we prepare them for the things a service dog handler will encounter while out with their service dog and we accompany Veterans (local to DC/VA) on their first trips out with their service dog.

K9s Serving Vets and our trusted trainer network will be a supportive community for our Veteran clients.

About Us

As the liaison between Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs and service dog training organizations, we empower Veterans by helping them partner with service dogs to transform their lives.


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